Why Every Solar Business
Needs a SolarERP Solution!

Role of ERP in Enhancing Solar Business Collaboration.

ERP Software for Solar Industry

As the solar industry continues to grow, businesses operating in this field face a multitude of challenges. Managing various aspects of solar projects, from design and installation to maintenance and repairs, requires a high level of coordination and organization. Inefficient processes and outdated systems can lead to delays, mistakes, and ultimately, lost revenue. That's where ERP software comes in.

tendering & evaluation

Tendering & Evaluation

Tender calling, filling & its evaluations along with regulatory compliance are critical stages for tender inviting authority & bider also. You can streamline your tender calling oblique filling process, reducing risk & cost and ensuring clear inside for your project.
BOQ Estimation

BOQ Estimation

The project team needs to have a clear understanding of the project requirements & the solar industry's current market prices. By ensuring the BOQ's accuracy, the solar project can be completed on time and within budget.
Design & Engineering

Design and Engineering

This process involves several stages, including conceptual design, detailed design, and construction drawings, with each stage contributing to the optimization of solar projects for maximum energy output and financial viability.
project planning

Project Planning and Execution

These processes involve creating a comprehensive project plan that takes into account all technical, financial, and regulatory requirements, and implementing the plan while monitoring progress and making necessary adjustments.


Commissioning is the final stage of a solar energy project, where the system is tested and verified to ensure that it operates according to design specifications and meets all regulatory requirements. The process involves several critical steps, including pre-commissioning, functional testing, performance testing, and system acceptance.

Operations & Maintenance

TechoERP's AI based solar O&M module ensure the long-term performance and reliability of solar energy systems. Proper O&M practices can help maximize energy production, minimize downtime, and extend the lifespan of solar panels and equipment.


TechoERP's solar module is integrated with essential business module such as accounting, sales, purchase, HRM, quality etc. & also capable of enabling third party API's & other businesses apps.


Solar business is full of compliance and regulatority documentation ensuring management of all document such as power purchase aggrement, essential drawings, communication with Goverment departments. TechoERP ensures smooths documentation process..