Purchase Managment
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Better purchase management gives better profit.
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TechoERP: The ultimate procurement tool

Purchasing items is a crucial part of any business operation. From raw materials to finished products, every organization needs to acquire various items to meet its needs. However, managing this process can be challenging, particularly for companies that handle large volumes of purchases. That's where TechoERP comes in. TechoERP is a powerful purchasing software that helps companies streamline their procurement process and manage their inventory effectively.

Item & pricing

Items & Pricinge

Techoerp fully addresses Pricing Management operations as a Full Spectrum ERP solution, providing all the essential data and analysis needed to boost your earnings and expand your organisation.
Material request

Material Request

A simple document known as a "Material Request" outlines the requirement for a specific collection of Items (goods or services).A Material Request is a simple document identifying a requirement of a set of Items for a particular reason.
Purchase order

Purchase Order

With a purchase order, you formally commit to purchasing a specified quantity of goods from your supplier under specific terms. It is comparable to a sales order, except that you keep it for internal purposes rather than forwarding it to a third party. You can view the inventory status of a product or products while creating a new purchase order.
purchase analytics

Purchase Analytics

Purchase analytics is the act of gathering and evaluating data that has been acquired in order to generate insightful conclusions and support wise business decisions.

Supplier Management

Supply chain management is crucial to a company's overall success, particularly in the manufacturing sector. To keep production on schedule, manufacturers rely on their suppliers and partners to provide them with the appropriate kind and quantity of resources at the appropriate time.
Request for Quotations

Request for Quotations.

Every business will need to request a quotation for a project or service. Whether you're looking for a web designer, a construction contractor, or a marketing agency, the process of requesting a quotation can be intimidating.
Automated workflow

Automated Workflows

TechoERP allows you to set up approval workflows for purchase orders, ensuring that all purchases are approved by the relevant stakeholders before they are processed. This reduces the risk of unauthorized purchases and ensures that your purchasing process is compliant with your internal policies and procedures.
Integration with accounting

Integration with Accounting

TechoERP integrates with accounting software, such as QuickBooks and Xero, allowing you to seamlessly transfer purchase orders, invoices, and payments between the two systems. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.