Items & Pricing

Techoerp fully addresses Pricing Management operations as a Full Spectrum ERP solution, providing all the essential data and analysis needed to boost your earnings and expand your organisation. With real-time inventory and wireless warehouse management features, the TechoERP makes it simple to accept complex pricing strategies while accommodating the demands of contractors, service plans, promotions, E-Commerce, and order entry. Your team members can make better decisions to optimise order workflow and fulfilment by having immediate access to critical information about customer pricing plans, items, sales history, and vendors. We can support your efforts to control price at the item and customer levels. Additionally, there are several calculation techniques, such as cost plus, markup, discount, and list.


Material Request

A simple document known as a "Material Request" outlines the requirement for a specific collection of Items (goods or services). It achieves the following objectives:

  • Material Transfer: if transferring the required items across warehouses is necessary.
  • Material Issue: If the requested material is to be issued for a specific use, such as manufacturing.
  • Manufacture: if the requested material is going to be created.
  • Customer Provided: If the customer is required to supply the necessary stuff.
  • Purchase: If the specified material needs to be bought.
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    Purchase Order

    With a purchase order, you formally commit to purchasing a specified quantity of goods from your supplier under specific terms. It is comparable to a sales order, except that you keep it for internal purposes rather than forwarding it to a third party. You may view the complete list of your existing purchase orders here, along with their basic details like supplier information, status, price, and date. You can view the inventory status of a product or products while creating a new purchase order, including the number of goods in stock and the number on hand.


    Purchase Analytics

    Purchase analytics is the act of gathering and evaluating data that has been acquired in order to generate insightful conclusions and support wise business decisions. We provide you these features in TechoERP for the advantages indicated below:

    • Accurate and current financial reporting
    • A quicker financial close
    • Accurate inventory and job costing
    • Inventory expenses related to particular jobs

    Supplier Management

    Supply chain management is crucial to a company's overall success, particularly in the manufacturing sector. To keep production on schedule, manufacturers rely on their suppliers and partners to provide them with the appropriate kind and quantity of resources at the appropriate time.

    • Effective management of demand and procurement. TechoERP, which creates demand when orders are received, automates demand planning.
    • Trustworthy Documentation & Processing.
    • Improved Cooperation
    • Better Visibility