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A quote is an estimate of the price for the goods or services you are selling to a potential or existing client. During a transaction, a customer could ask for a letter outlining the goods or services you intend to offer, along with their costs and other conditions. It goes by a variety of names, including "proposal," "estimate," "pro forma invoice," and "quotation."

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Price List

In TechoERP, you can easily customise item rates by creating a price list. A price list can be used to: Mass regulate or adjust your item prices for a certain client, vendor, or transaction.

  • Offer a loyal consumer products on a regular basis at a discount.
  • For first-time or new customers, charge a higher price for the product.
  • Offer goods at a different price to companies in a certain nation.
  • Give contracts to suppliers who sometimes or consistently offer products.
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Sales Analytics

It thoroughly analyses your sales data and produces relevant dashboards and reports on sales analytics to monitor your most important sales metrics. Gain greater understanding of your sales funnel and rapidly see trends in lead owners, lead sources, campaigns, and geographic areas.

  • In collaboration with your content marketing team, create and analyse reports.
  • Set up automatic emailing of your reports and dashboards to the specified recipients.
  • Utilize your sales data to your advantage to manage your cash flow, staff, and resources.
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TechoERP also offers the option to create a lovely online store to sell them from. You can easily add products to your online store and choose what to display by making a few clicks. You can use the following e-commerce selling options, and you can decide whether to enable or disable services like Wishlist and Customer Reviews.

  • Publish and Update an Item
  • Explore the Product Listing
  • Item Group-wise Product Listing
  • Shopping Cart
  • The Shop by Category page
  • Wishlist
  • search
  • Reviews and rating
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Sales Bot

Based on its programming, you can use this to engage in discussion with visitors to your website. It automates the process of interacting with website visitors and enables you to continue to be available to lend support.

  • It may manage chats from visitors to your website.
  • It can utilise Calendars to gather input from visitors.
  • can gather numerous inputs for every response.
  • The chats can be forwarded to your human operators.
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Customer Portal

Any company or organisation can use this to allow its clients and customers log into their fervent internal system and access the restricted info. Instead than developing their own security measures and authentications, users can just use this gateway. The most crucial action they can do is to only see and edit records that have been filed. It combines community, ticketing, and knowledge base software to assist organisations in setting up and managing an online portal.

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Marketing may be able to assist you in gaining new clients as your business grows and prospers. To spread the word about your company, you should, however, concentrate on the following marketing strategies in the interim. Improve your performance by tailoring your marketing to the needs of your target audience. Examine the information provided by the opposition, then adjust your approach. Make promotions consistently and faithfully follow the corporate ethos.