The majority of ERP systems include a key HR component, and HR is essential to any organization's daily operations. It has an exhaustive database of all employees, which includes contact information, compensation information, attendance information, performance evaluation information, and promotion information.



It is a submodule for selecting both internal and external candidates for employment. That includes having access to skills no matter where you are. Improve screening by integrating the module with online recruitment platforms.

  • Request for permission and personnel
  • Key Information in Prospective Resumes Captured
  • Call letter
  • Recruitment process - multiples boards and levels
  • Offer Letter
  • Appointment letter

Employee Onboarding

Encourage employee collaboration, knowledge sharing, and self-education in one place to boost productivity inside your company.

The practise of integrating and acquainting a new employee with the specifics of a company is known as the employee onboarding process. The steps in the HR team's employee onboarding process are:

  • Get in touch with new hires before their first day on the job
  • Make it count on day one
  • Consider the suggestions made by recent hires.
  • Save time on paperwork by going digital
  • Cross department introduction helps in social acceptance
  • Set clear expectations from the beginning


This module allows you to remotely monitor your employee's time, attendance, paid time off, and much more. The following are some of this module's features:

  • Record the employee's clock-in and clock-out times accurately depending on the rostered location.
  • For better team management, real-time integration and visibility on the work calendar.
  • Processing of pay through seamless interaction with the payroll module.
  • TechoERP

    Performance Management

    In order to maximise an employee's performance and connect it with organisational strategic goals, it manages the ongoing, continuous process of communicating and clarifying job tasks, priorities, performance expectations, and development planning.

    • Establish business objectives and goals that are connected to the KPIs for employees.
    • Configurable review forms, workflows, and approval processes
    • 360 review feedback
    • Project-based reviews
    • Track training and certification programs with an automated renewal process
    • Performance management accessible through the Employee Portal
    • Goal progress tracking of employee forms and their goals

    Expense Claims

    When employees incur costs personally on the company's behalf, an expense claim is made. This aids in the submission, tracking, processing, and reimbursement of employee costs. In many aspects, an ERP-based expense management system is superior to the traditional expense management system.

    • Minimizes Error
    • Saves Time
    • Offers Mobility
    • Increases Efficiency

    Shift Management

    Shift Management is a component of the establishment module used to manage the various shift kinds and assist the company in efficiently planning and scheduling personnel shifts. Using the applied shifts, we can calculate the total number of absence and pay days each month, which will be used to determine salaries.

    Reports gererated are:

    • Shift timing report
    • Shift allocation summary report
    • Staff allocation report

    Fleet Management

    This will make it easier for your company to keep track of its spending and manage its fleet of vehicles. You can configure a vehicle, enter regular vehicle logs, submit expense claims for vehicle expenses, and view vehicle expense reports.

    • Service can cut down on downtime. Use-based maintenance-based reminders
    • Real-time vehicle diagnostics are available.
    • Lower Maintenance Costs
    • Quick Response leveraging the characteristic of nearby vehicles
    • Service History & Preventative Maintenance


    The TechoERP system has the ability to evaluate an employee's performance before and after training.

  • Training Plan entry by HR department
  • Month-wise Training Calendar report
  • Training done Detail
  • Training History & Summary report.
  • TechoERP

    Key Report

    It offers demographic information as well as individual personnel reports that are combined across departments. With its thorough reports, this can assist your company in making crucial decisions. With it, you can precisely track the performance of your personnel. The advantages of this HR module are as follows:

    • Identifying the Weaknesses of the Employees
    • Planning for the Future
    • Getting to Track the Performance of Employees Effectively


    It oversees how employees are paid in an organisation. Additional modules like accounting and time management can be linked with payroll. It includes payments given to each employee as well as any deductions. The user is permitted to enter the daily attendance information for all of the company's payroll-employed employees in the transactions of the payroll module. The user can indicate whether or not all of the employee's data is present. Additionally, the software user can add data pertaining to the operators overtime if the company operator has worked any overtime.

    Automate payroll processing using specialised components, each with user-defined constraints and parameters.