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There have been analogue note-taking devices for a very long time. The majority of us still record our activities and notes in actual notebooks. Although they have their advantages, handwritten notes have their drawbacks. You can organise your daily tasks in the best way possible using TechoERP. This allows you to manage all of your tasks, team members' jobs, projects, and more from a single platform.

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Time Tracking

  • Hassle-free time tracking: With the use of timesheets and task timers, log work hours using our employee time tracking software.
  • Make your time count: Each project has a timesheet on which the team members can record the hours spent on each activity.
  • Easy invoicing: TechoERP Projects assists you with keeping track of your costs, creating a project budget, and converting timesheets into invoices for client billing and payroll needs.
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    Project Billing

    With customizable invoices, payment schedules, and billing calendars, this will automate the billing for your project. This report will assist you in analysing the billing by project and employee over a given time period.

  • For the hours you've clocked on your projects in Techo Projects, create an invoice.
  • Based on your project budget, create estimates for your projects.
  • Create estimates, then send customers quotes.
  • For your projects, choose the module-based billing approach.